You've probably been wondering where super hot Russian spy Anna Chapman has been, right? Well, she was spotted today at a cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the launch of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which is carrying Russians and Americans into space.

Yes, the hottest spy of all time was in Kazakhstan to watch today's launch of the Soyuz, which will carry two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut to the International Space Station to do weightless somersaults and and other important scientific things in space. Chapman was there as an advisor to the president of Russia's FondServisBank. She made no public statements, but Chapman did tell an AP reporter that she'd "just arrived." That's it! But what does that mean??? Is it a coded message? Who knows. We're just happy to have some new pictures of Anna Chapman because she's hot.

Oh, and the launch of the Soyuz was deemed a success and whatnot.

[Anna Chapman, live in Kazakhstan, image via AP]