Producers have been hawking Brighton Beach, a Russian version of Jersey Shore since March. Lifetime just ordered 12 episodes of the show. But it won't be like Jersey Shore. This one is about family!

Lifetime, Television for Women and Gay Men, is apparently too squeamish to air a show that's just about kids getting drunk and hooking up, so this one is about families getting drunk and hooking up. (We hope not with one other. Well, that would be kind of interesting, even though it's totally gross.) The show will follow three families in the historically Russian Brooklyn neighborhood adjacent to Coney Island. All three are somehow involved with a nightclub, so chances are it will probably be just as tacky as Jersey Shore but with the addition of older people to try and class things up and prevent people from calling it a knock-off. (That's not going to happen.) And to think this is just the first in what will be an onslaught of rip-offs!

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