Concetta Serrano was summoned to her brother-in-law's home by Chi l'ha Visto—an Italian show about missing persons—where she was informed on live TV that her teenage daughter's body had been found—and her brother-in-law was responsible for her death.

Watch reality television reach a crass new low as the bereaved mother of a missing 15-year-old is informed that her child's waterlogged body has been fished out of a cistern in Puglia:

[There was a video here]

A stunned Concetta Serrano murmurs "my brother-in-law is innocent" and "I can't believe it" while she sits in alleged killer Michele Misseri's dining room. Fifteen-year-old Sarah Scazzi disappeared in August and had last been seen in her Uncle Michele's home in Puglia, which she left to meet her cousin at the beach. Authorities believe the body they found is Sarah's, and are doing DNA testing to confirm it. They say Michele Misseri confessed to strangling the teenager after she refused have sex with him. Local news reports claim her body was sexually abused post-mortem, but they didn't mention that part on the TV show, thankfully. [AP]