People really are very upset about the new logo of famous clothing store GAP! Whereas the former white-on-blue logo was iconic, the new black-letters-next-to-a-little-blue-box design has Gap fans and branding experts alike befuddled and discombobulated.

The main problem: Gap just stuck the logo on their website without bothering to tell anyone they were rebranding, or why. The secondary problem: the logo is dumb. Ad Age explains the sophisticated critiques of Gap's new strategic direction being posited by the world's foremost corporate branding experts:

Across the internet detractors have been picking apart the new look, with the most common sentiment being that it looks like something a child created using a clip-art gallery.

Yes, well...yes. It does. (Make your own logo here, easy!) Now Gap is backpedaling a bit, asking for public input and whatnot. There, there, Gap. Don't feel bad. You just surprised us, that's all. Usually these disasters are accompanied by a bullshit-filled press release.

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