A photograph of these three Latino men is featured prominently in Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle's race-baiting new campaign ad. Do they seem familiar? Maybe it's because another Republican already used the same exact photo in his ad.

Yes, as Think Progress noted, scary_illegals_looking_at_camera.tiff made a similarly fear-mongering appearance in Louisiana Senator David Vitter's attack ad against challenger Charlie Melancon:

Threatening! But seriously, guys, what's the deal? You can't spring for a better stock photo service? Or are those the only three illegal immigrants you could find? And really, these are the scariest-looking immigrants you could find? I know the guy in the front has his baseball cap on backwards, in the manner of a hooligan, but mostly these dudes look hungry.

Either way, in terms of nutty, crypto-racism, Angle definitely wins, thanks to her juxtaposition of the starkly-lit Latino men against footage of smiling, laughing, and, most importantly, white college graduates. One thing's for sure: We can't wait to see where these three "illegal aliens" pop up next, and what will be written in the bold, sans-serif capital letters that will accompany them!

For reference, here are the ads:

[Think Progress]