Wanna live like a major Hollywood player, with hot babes and cool bros around you all the time (or at least a half-hour each week)? Then buy the Entourage house, where Vince and the boys regularly yuk it up.

Yes, the latest of fake movie star Vincent Chase's houses is for sale, this one a 9,000 sq.ft. one-story mansion that's on the market for a cool $5.75m. Breathe deep and you can practically smell Johnny's desperation, Turtle's fat misery, and E's bottles of Dr. Phineas J. Wickerwick's Heightening Tonic. Any woman you have over will immediately turn into a sex-powered but totally laid-back "cool hot girl", and any middle aged man will turn into a rage-filled mercury addict. The boys on Entourage are clearly the best straight men in the world, so why wouldn't you want to live here? In Encino??? You need this house, bro. Think of the coolness and fresh tunes and sweet rides! Think of Adrian Grenier!

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[via Luxist]