A former San Jose State University student is suing her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, for beating the hell out of her with wooden paddles for three weeks. Hey, hey—how else will she learn to respect her history?

[Courtney] Howard claims in her suit that they beat her and other pledges with wooden paddles, slapped them with wooden spoons, shoved them against the wall, and threatened that "snitches get stitches."

"One of the girls who was a big sister told me it was supposed to be so you can feel what your ancestors went through in slavery, so you will respect what you came from," Ms. Howard said.

All those who suffered the Middle Passage and endured generation upon generation of unspeakably cruel chattel slavery could, during their darkest hours, comfort themselves with the thought, "A hundred and fifty years from now, some sorority girl is going to get her ass whupped in honor of me."

The NYT notes that six members of the Rutgers chapter of the same sorority were arrested this year for beating the hell out of a freshman recruit during hazing. Sigma Gamma Rho sister MC Lyte would be very disappointed in all of you, ladies. Sororities: almost as dumb as fraternities.

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