A lawyer representing Molly Wei—one of two Rutgers students charged with streaming classmate Tyler Clementi's sexual encounter online, which drove him to suicidesays Wei is innocent of any crime.

Wei's attorney told Fox 5 that she is innocent, and that she is "a wonderful, caring and talented young woman with a bright future." Wei's friend Dharun Ravi was Tyler Clementi's roommate, and turned on his computer's webcam to broadcast Clementi hooking up with another man in their dorm room. Wei is involved because Ravi was reportedly in her room when he activated his computer and streamed the images online. Both of them face five years in jail, although the penalty could be as much as ten years if they were convicted of a hate crime.

Neither Ravi nor Wei has spoken publicly since the incident; but friends of Ravi told the Rutgers student paper that he "had no intention of witnessing any kind of intimate encounter between the two, but rather wanted to see if anything unusual was taking place inside his room." Ravi's Twitter page tells another story. Wei's exact role in the incident is still mostly unknown.

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