Police in New Mexico raided a middle school and searched its on-campus greenhouse for marijuana. They even brought out their helicopter! What did they find? A bunch of tomato plants.

Last month, the Camino de Paz Montessori School and Farm in Cuarteles, New Mexico, was host to at least one state police officer, an "unmarked drab-green helicopter," and "four men wearing bullet-proof vests, but without any visible insignias or uniforms" hoping to "inspect" the school's greenhouses for drugs. (To be honest, if there's any kind of school that'd be growing weed, it'd be a Montessori school.)

Of course, the greenhouses were being used to grow tomatoes, not marijuana. But thank God they sent a helicopter, because who knows what could have happened while dealing with the school's "12 students, ages 11 to 14." Not that hippie education director Patricia Pantano understands!

Pantano said she did not want to make too big an issue out of the raid, but questioned why such a commotion was necessary when anyone who asked would have been given a tour of the greenhouses.

"We're sitting here as a teaching staff, always short on money, and we're thinking, 'Gosh, all the money it takes to fly that helicopter and hire all those people, it would be great to have this for education.'"

Uh, yeah, "Patricia," it'd be great to have it for education... except all of the students would be dead from marijuana smoking.

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