Some testy emails between the camps of Sarah Palin and Alaskan Senate candidate Joe Miller, whom she endorsed, have leaked, and yikes! Basically, when Miller refused to directly answer a televised question regarding Palin's presidential qualifications, Todd Palin was... unhappy.

The Alaskan politics blog Mudlfats obtained these suckers. The first message shows Miller's surprise upon finding Todd Palin's nasty message in his inbox. The second is Todd Palin's original email, addressed to both Miller and SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford. He instructs Crawford to withhold further support for Miller in the wake of his ambiguous response to a Fox News question about Sarah Palin's qualifications for president. Then he turns to Miller and writes, "Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works, is it to be completely one sided." (That's a question.)

Todd Palin probably would have preferred for these emails to stay private, obviously, but he's not breaking new, cynical ground here. Sarah Palin doesn't give out endorsements for fun. She's trying to build a power base in the next Congress should she decide to run for president — something she's clearly thinking about, and building the structure for, but not necessarily decided on.

But it's not surprising that Sarah Palin hasn't said much about Joe Miller in public recently. And so far, they're not challenging the veracity of this exchange.