Diane Keaton, Laura Linney, Dustin Hoffman, and now another one. Also today: Superman finds a new director, some actors were cast in some movies, and Fox keeps making quality television with great titles.

Kevin Bacon, America's finest cured/smoked actor, has landed in HBO's griddle. He'll be producing and possibly starring in a new comedy about a faded golf star who works at a crummy country club and dreams of one last shot at the big leagues. (Do you say big leagues for golf? I mean, a lot of golfers are pretty big.) So it's basically The Eastbound Legend of Bagger "Tin Cup" Vance. Hollywood: So many new ideas, every day! But hey, good for Bacon. Guess he saw his wife winning that Emmy and thought "Hm... Bacon want." Mm... want bacon. [Deadline]

Subtle, understated director Zack Snyder is officially the director of the next movie venture into the world of Superman. So that could be interesting. Or it could be, y'know, Watchmen. Alls I know is that Supes better be teaming up with those warrior owls from Ga'hoole, because there isn't nobody who doesn't like those fucking owls. "It's a hoot!", Joel Siegel will exclaim of Superman and The Owls Take Metropolis. "Your neck will turn 270 degrees. Like this...", Sandy Kenyon will say to you in the back of your cab, horrifyingly turning his neck 270 degrees. The critics are just going to love this one. If it involves the owls. If not, then I refer you to Exhibit Brandon Routh. From new Superman movie star to guest starring on NBC's The Chuck, a show about Chuck, in four short years. [THR]

Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames, and Christian Slater have all signed on to star in the same independent movie together. It will be a docu-drama called Unrealized Potential. Ohhhh that's mean. No, it's actually a cheery little picture called The River of Sorrow and it's about a cop (Liotta) hunting a serial killer with the help of his captain (Rhames) and an FBI guy (Slater). Samantha Mathis is sitting by the phone with her fingers crossed, hoping she'll land the role of Dead Body No. 2, for which she auditioned for two hours, lying on a cold linoleum floor, staring quietly up at the ceiling, listening to the HVAC system and wondering. [Variety]

America's beloved, wacky father-in-law Alan Alda has landed two plum movie roles. First he'll play the leader of a "naturist village" in the David Wain comedy Wanderlust, about Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd escaping the hectic urban world of New York City to find a simpler life in the country. So he can do fun zapped-out intellectual hippie stuff, which he is good at. After that he'll subject himself to the Brett Ratner treatment in Tower Heist, as the oily Madoff-type who is robbed by Ben Stiller and a group of building workers out for revenge. It's going to be a comedy, I think. I mean, it's Brett Ratner. And you know how well Ratner and drama mix. We've all seen Red Dragon. Well, actually, most of us haven't. And that's the problem. [The Wrap]

Fox has picked up a pilot called Splitting Adams about "a young prosecutor who finds herself caught between two realities: one in which she is an incredible trial lawyer, and another in which she is the one on trial." So do you get it? The girl's last name is Adams, duh. But also like atoms, like science parts? Should fit in well with Fox's other name games, Running Wilde and Raising Hope. Oh, so, for those of you following my ever-developing LiveJournal memoirs, "Showbiz'd!", I'm still waiting to hear back from Fox about my TV pilot, Arming Hammer, about actor Armie Hammer getting arm transplant surgery and then being given a series of weapons, including hammers. There's also my script Pressing Charges, about whip-smart Chicago ADA Lucy Charges, who, after being imbued with special powers during a freak electrical storm, begins competing in the competitive bench-pressing circuit. Both will be hits, I'm sure of it. [THR]

Hey anglophile comedy nerds, listen up. Your beloved Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan, is making a series of webisodes for the Foster's beer company that may end up airing on British television. So maybe it'll end up on BBC America. Or at least American DVD. So you can all watch them and declare them "brilliant" and nothing will ever be funny enough, because you've seen this little British thing that most Americans haven't and that's what gets you going, liking the little things, isn't it? You jerks. You're all jerks. Everyone's jerks. Even you, Coogan. [Deadline]