Bolivian President Evo Morales played a "friendly" soccer match against a political rival. Five minutes into the game and on Bolivian television, Morales knees a guy in the groin, sending him sprawling. Morales then plays on and scores a goal.

Morales is the guy with the bowlcut at the beginning of the video. At 0:14, he bashes soccer star Daniel Gustavo Cartagena's balls.

[There was a video here]

Cartagena was playing on a team assembled by La Paz Mayor Luis Revilla, a politician from Bolivia's opposition party. According to the BBC, Daniel Gustavo Cartagena apparently fouled Morales, who retaliated with a testicle attack. President Morales escaped a red card, played on, and scored a goal. Cartagena got kneed in the groin a second time by a presidential bodyguard, then arrested for assaulting the president, reports Bolivian newspaper La Razón (summarized in English by NYT's Lede blog). [via Wenceslaus]