Rapper Lil' Wayne, who is expected to serve eight months of a one-year sentence for illegal gun possession, is now stuck in solitary confinement after guards found headphones and an iPod charger hidden in his jail cell on Rikers Island.

Back in May, guards found the headphones and charger, which were stashed in an empty potato chip bag in Lil' Wayne's (Weezy, Dwayne Carter) cell. The accompanying iPod was found in a neighboring inmate's cell. Months after the headphone discovery, Weezy has landed himself in a "punitive segregation" cell, called "The Bing" on Rikers, for 23 hours a day, until his expected release on November 4. A Corrections Department source told the Daily News that, "He's not in an area where he is mingling with other inmates — ever."


[Image via AP]