Rick Sanchez—the CNN anchor who was fired after insinuating that Jews control the media—might be coming out of hiding. According to Sanchez's wife, he called Daily Show host Jon Stewart (the target of Sanchez's remarks) to say "sorry."

In an update on her Facebook wall, Rick's wife Suzanne writes that the former CNN anchor called Stewart and "they had a good talk" (oh, boy, I'm sure they did). She says Stewart was "gracious" and that he called Sanchez "thin-skinned," and that Rick "feels horrible" and "deeply apologizes to anyone who was offended"—the first hint of an apology from Sanchez since making the remarks:

(I, for one, would love to hear the "broader point" about Jews controlling the media Sanchez wishes he'd made.)

Suzanne followed up her apology update with this one, encouraging people to watch tonight's Daily Show:

We did watch it, and Stewart excoriated Sanchez, and it was hilarious. But he didn't mention the phone call—possibly because it happened after the show's taping. (Or possibly because it never happened and Suzanne Sanchez is just making shit up.)

[via Mediaite]