Sure, there's a Hollywood blockbuster about him, he's got half a billion users, and his net worth is estimated at $7 billion. But for cultural relevance, it's hard to beat Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's cameo on The Simpsons.

Unlike the mack daddy version of himself played by Jesse Eisenberg in Facebook film The Social Network, the Simpsons version of Zuckerberg features his actual voice, recorded in a session Facebook flack Brandee Barker has described as one of "my top five best job moments EVER." No kidding: In the PR campaign to counter The Social Network, Facebook has cooperated with a New Yorker profile, an authorized business biography and a New York Times magazine article. But in terms of user relations with a mass audience, nothing quite matches a funny, down to earth performance on a nationally beloved TV show. Now Zuck just has to convince his users this humble version of himself isn't just an act.

[via All Things Digital]