Public Service Announcement to all you hardy adventurers, beachcombers, and cryptozoologists out there: no, you did not just find another Montauk Monster. You're not even in Montauk.

The latest news from the site is this photo, which came with the following email:

1. Allow us to draw your attention to the second sentence: "My husband and I were walking on Silver Sands Beach in Milford, CT today and we found a Montauk Monster." Think about it.

2. The Montauk Monster—Monty—washed ashore in Montauk in the summer of 2008. He was made famous by Richard Lawson, and he's long since returned to the puddle of goo from whence he came. There have been other monsters. But there will never be another Montauk Monster*. May we allow him to rest in peace.

*Unless another monster is found in Montauk. In which case, email us.