Rahm Emanuel, who was the second most powerful person in Washington just a few days ago, is now merely harassing commuters on Chicago subway platforms to kick off his mayoral campaign. Watch as the commuters react with indifference, mostly!

[There was a video here]

Yeah, being the second most powerful person in Washington seems cooler.

He's still getting blamed for what's happening in Washington, of course. Hopefully he realized before deciding to run that very few voters will want to ask him about Chicago issues. It will be all, "Hey, why do you and Obama suck so much?"

The reception wasn't as warm at Izola's restaurant on 79th Street.

Hecklers tried to provoke a confrontation with Emanuel, holding a "Dump Quinn in 2010" banner and yelling "Get out of our neighborhood!"

Their main complaint was that the stimulus dollar "shovel-ready jobs" aren't coming to their neighborhood.

Emanuel shook the main heckler's hand and spoke politely to him.

"Welcome to Chicago!" the heckler said.

Well done! But he's going to snap at some point. One week? Two? Okay tomorrow.