We knew it was a bad idea when we heard Levi Johnston was making a music video with pop "star" Brittani Senser. But the results are even worse than we imagined. No wonder Bristol Palin dumped Levi.

Sure, it might have been more because of those rumors about him dating other girls than making this stupid video about a meddling mother who separates a boy and a girl from true love (sound like Sarah Palin much?), but if my boyfriend made this video, I'd probably dump him, too. All Levi has to do is make sexxxytime with Brittani, get pulled over by the cops, look at some disappointing pictures, break up with his girlfriend, and stand out in the rain. Based on what we know of Levi, he's very experienced at all of those things. Still, he has the presence of a 10-minute-old fart, barely noticeable but very uncomfortable. Senser, for her part, isn't that bad of a singer, but the cliched song is dreadful and the amateur acting is more grating that a Palin appearance at a Teabagger convention. We knew this thing would be bad, but this is just an embarrassment.

[There was a video here]