Here we were thinking conservative screamy dude Andrew Breitbart was a reality-distorting robot incapable of feeling shame. But his protege James O'Keefe's creepy plan to trap a "hot blonde" CNN reporter on his love boat was too much for Breitbart.

Breitbart issued a statement criticizing O'Keefe's botched pranking of CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau. First he praised O'Keefe's bullshit ACORN "investigation," but went on to say that my dealings with Ms. Boudreau, she and her producer, Scott Zamost, conducted themselves professionally, and I believe James owes them a candid and public explanation.

From what I've read about this script, though not executed, it is patently gross and offensive. It's not his detractors to whom he also owes this public airing. It's to his legion of supporters.

Here's an explanation: James O'Keefe is an oversexed twerp whose emotional development culminated during his fourth viewing of American Pie 2. [via TPM]