Now that sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is but a stale post on the Facebook wall of our sad lives, we've been waiting patiently for a sexy Russian criminal to fill the void. Enter Kristina Svechinskaya, cybercriminal

21-year-old college student Svechinskaya was one of more than 80 people busted in the US for being part of a hacking ring which allegedly used the Zeus Trojan computer virus to steal more than $9 million from bank customers and businesses. Prosecutors say Svechinsky was a "money mule," who opened bank accounts to transfer $35,000 of the money abroad.

New York magazine asks "is Kristina SEXY enough to become a star?" Honestly, probably not—but this has more to do with the nature of her crime than her physical attractiveness. As far as we can tell, she didn't actually do any of the hacking! Maybe during the Hackers-crazed 90s she could have parlayed her criminal career into some sort of gig appearing at Start Up parties or something.

[Photo via Svechinskaya's Facebook]