Not content with doling out $100 million to help Newark schools, Mark Zuckerberg took the next logical step to counteract The Social Network's portrayal of him as a scheming nerd-villain: hiring Cirque du Soleil for a massive PR industry party.

The party at the Roseland Ballroom was the highlight of New York's Advertising Week, according to Fast Company: Hundreds of drunken revelers plied with free booze, an extravagant Cirque du Soleil performance, the mayor of Montreal somehow roped into doling out poutine to guests, Facebook logos all over everything (even the cookies!). Oh, and it just happened to all go down last night—the night before The Social Network opened. It's hard to care about a dumb David Fincher movie when you're so hungover that you're sweating vodka tonics.

Sounds fun, but it our invitation must have got lost in the mail. We'll go see the The Social Network instead. [Fast Company]