It was all theoretical when the pirates were patrolling the waters off of Somalia. But it's getting too close for comfort: now, there are Mexican pirates. Right on the border. Shooting at American jet-skis.

A Texan couple went out jet-skiing yesterday on the Falcon Lake Reservoir, which sits on the US-Mexican border. Then, for some fucking reason, two boats full of guys came up, so the couple turned around and took off back towards the US side of the lake, but the guys in the boat started shooting at them from behind, and shot the man in the head, possibly killing him (his status now is unclear). Says the Houston Chronicle:

The shooting follows reports in May that boaters in the famed bass fishing oasis were at risk of being shaken down by "pirates" lurking on the Mexican side... The robbers in at least one case posed as Mexican federal law enforcement, searching fishing boats for guns and drugs and then demanding cash at gunpoint.

Pirates—right there. It's not even cool any more. Hysterical Texan response bristling with guns TK.