Meet Briana Greathouse of Kansas City, Missouri. Briana, who's 25, recently traveled to Ottumwa, Iowa, four hours away, to meet a man she knew through the internet. And kill him. For making mean internet postings. Her mom was arrested, too.

Just in case you needed a reminder to be nice to people online, here it is! Greathouse was found by Ottumwa police with a gun in her hand, threatening to shoot Forrest Jamison, who "she believed [had] made derogatory postings about her on the internet." And, as if that wasn't nuts enough, her mom was arrested too, for "calling and harassing the same victim."

It's unclear where the comments were posted (I certainly hope it was none of you), or what they consisted of. It's also unclear if Greathouse understood that she was following in the footsteps of the comedic thrillride Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The irony, of course, is that now the internet will be filled with derogatory postings about her. But she can't murder everyone! (Right?)

[Heartland Connection via Fark]