It would seem Mark Zuckerberg still hates his iPhone reception: The CEO joined a dis session convened by fellow Facebook executives who find service for the Apple smartphone "so f'ing annoying."

After Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, an iPhone user,said all his calls were dropping during a trip to New York, Zuckerberg chimed in that he was having the same problem. Posting their agreement were Facebook's lead spokesman, a Facebook platform engineer and later a Facebook biz dev guy:

This isn't the first time Zuckerberg complained about his iPhone and the bundled AT&T service on Facebook. In June, he made a joke about the phone's battery and the weak AT&T reception:

Of course, AT&T service is objectively and provably "f'ing annoying" for basically everyone. But it's nice to know even well connected and well to do tech execs have the same problems. Paper billionaires: The're just like us!

Also lending the online comments some small degree of import is the matter of the "Facebook Phone." It's a product persistently reported in the tech press lately and persistently denied by Facebook itself. Zuckerberg recently told TechCrunch that some of the confusion may stem from the company's efforts to integrate more deeply with smartphone, including by developing an effectively customized version of Google's Android operating system, which competes with Apple's iPhone operating system, iOS.

AT&T's cruddy service, still the only option for U.S. iPhone users, is one motivation for Zuckerberg and his underlings to pay more attention to Android. Then again, it's very much worth noting that, for all their griping, these guys are all still iPhone, not Android, users.