Are you ready for "heart-wrenching confessions?" That's what the promo for tonight's episode says we'll see. You don't want to get your heart wrenched alone. Join our live blog and we'll all get our hearts wrenched together!

Apparently, tonight's episode will also feature tears, accusations of cheating and what the promo calls "a moment you'll never stop talking about"—which is probably true, but only because there are always new moments we never stop talking about on this show. Hell, some of us are still talking about that moment when Wendy Pepper claimed that someone drew a mustache on her daughter's photo back on Season 1—and that was over five years ago! If you're fond of talking endlessly about Project Runway too, and you've never joined this commenting party before, now's the perfect time: All you have to do is tune your TV to Lifetime, watch tonight's episode with your laptop or keyboard handy, and post jokes and observations about what you see in the comments section below. The rest of us will be doing the same. It's one big scandalizing, heart-wrenching, non-stop-talking party!

Here's a confession of my own: I couldn't stop laughing at everyone's comments from last week's live blog. Here's a sampling:

  • bytememehard: Is that her victims' blood Wretchen wears on her cheeks?
  • bread_and_potatoes: If Disney's version of Tinkerbell were dying, I wouldn't clap.
  • Blaise Astra Parker: "Please use the Banana Republic, um,, um, Macy's, um, Piperlime Accessory Wall thoughtfully!"
  • Lilah: I made Christopher's dress out of toilet paper at a bridal shower one time.
  • Heneage: Gretchen's dress looks like the "dress robes" Ron was forced to wear in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ballroom scene.
  • otterbird: I'm still trying to figure out Kors' "Kentucky Derby horse ribbon exploded" comment, and I think I've got it—it's a cross-promotion with the Secretariat movie. Talk about product placement!
  • Old Ocho: I.V. is K.O.

I've collected a dozen or so additional memorable comments from last week in this "highlights" post, so you may want to take a look at that before tonight's episode starts. And speaking of tonight's episode, are you wondering what else is in store for us, other than cheating and heartbreak? Well, wonder no longer! Here's a selection of a few other notable things I spotted in the preview clips I watched:

  • In the reprise of a great challenge concept from last season, the designers will use a computer to create their own fabric patterns – only this time, their design must be based on a memory from their past. This will provide an excuse to show us adorable childhood photos of the designers — like this one. Awww...
  • A new presence in the workroom will make everyone cry. No, it won't be a return visit from Mean Ms. Kors. Instead, it'll a surprise visit from (spoiler alert) their moms! Mothers make all designers cry, apparently.
  • The guest judge will American fashion designer Rachel Roy—who is not only famous, talented and critically acclaimed, but also gorgeous. Don't you hate people like that?

OK, the moment we never stop talking about will be here soon … so, quick — let's start talking about other things while we still have the chance! I'll see you down in the comments.