Apple's flagship store in Beijing was shut down for a few hours due to fights breaking out over buying the iPhone 4, M.I.C. Gadget, a gadget blog based in China, reports.

People buying iPhones for personal use were shoved aside by people looking to buy bulk amounts of iPhone 4s to sell on the grey market.

M.I.C.'s report is written in broken English, so it's difficult to fully understand, but it appears Apple lifted the 2 iPhones per customer restriction. This led to scalpers coming into the store and trying to pick off as many phones as possible. After the scalpers got into a tussle with more legitimate customers, security came in and closed the store for a while.

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal's Real Time China Report said scalpers were selling iPhone 4s at inflated prices. The WSJ report didn't mention the store closing.

The iPhone 4 has been a hit for Apple in China. After four days, Apple's sales of iPhone 4s have hit 100,000 units. There are now delays to get an iPhone in China, which is encouraging the scalper market.

Republished with permission from Authored by Jay Yarow. Photo via 9 to 5 Mac.