News Corp. head honcho Rupert Murdoch testified on Capitol Hill today about the need for immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for current illegal immigrants. Sounds good, kangaroo man! Why not explain this to your Fox News?

It didn't take long for one member of the committee to point out that Murdoch's immigration ideas, which are essentially in line with the current Democratic mainstream and much of the Republican party circa 2007, are always being deep-sixed largely because of the huffy, nativist rhetoric on Fox News.

"We do not take any consistent anti-immigrant line," Murdoch said in rejecting charges of hypocrisy coming from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). "We are not anti-immigrant on Fox News."

Waters lit up a House Judiciary Committee hearing on immigrants and the economy as she put Murdoch on the spot. In his testimony, Murdoch had lauded the contributions of immigrants to the nation, but Waters said "I don't see that promoted on Fox News - talking about anchor babies and all that."

Waters said she welcomed Murdoch's views but "I'm trying to point out the contradiction."

GOP members of the committee jumped to Murdoch's defense. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) cited surveys showing that Fox was "the most trusted source of news."

Yeah that's kind of the problem, Lamar Smith.