What does one insanely rich tech guy give another insanely rich tech guy as a wedding present? If you're a Google founder, the answer is reportedly "a party jet."

Elon Musk, the electric car kingpin now gracing the cover of Wired and previously seen spinning David Letterman, just wed English actress Talulah Riley in Scotland. Appropriately enough for Musk, who just went through a messy divorce, the reception was held in the same venue where Madonna wed Guy Ritchie. "Guests arrived by helicopter and private jet," the Daily Record reported.

But we hear that's not the whole story: One of those private planes was the Google Party Plane, lent to Musk by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a sort of wedding gift. That's according to sources close to the corporate social networking startup Yammer, whose CEO David Sacks is said to have hitched a ride on the jet. There's no word on whether Page and Brin lent out their flagship 767, reported 757 or the Gulfstream — their fleet is astounding — but in any event we're sure Musk is grateful. He's still got checks to cut to his ex wife and his divorce lawyers, after all.