Today at Gawker.TV, Christopher Meloni plays "Water War," Levi Johnston's embarrassing interview, Mark Ballas and DWTS cross-over to Melissa & Joey, a Bobby Brown video homage, and Running Wilde proves that the show is no Arrested Development.

David Cross and Will Arnett Reunite in Lackluster Running Wilde Storyline
Last night's episode of Running Wilde made it clear that this is not the next Arrested Development. It's good (in a watered-down, slightly-absurd sitcom way) but is this really what Fox thinks America is looking to watch? Clips inside.

Help Us Decide If Last Night's Melissa & Joey Was Homophobic or Not
In an unsurprising bit of ABC cross-promotion, Dancing with the Stars Palin-Peddler Mark Ballas guested on last night's Melissa & Joey, while Melissa exhibited some of the moves she learned at his side on DWTS Season 9.

The View Has a Laugh at Levi Johnston's Embarrassing Interview and Run for Mayor
Barbara caught an embarrassing interview with Levi Johnston in which he gave honest responses like "You're kind of getting over my head on these things here" and "I have no idea." Watch the clip—and the ladies' opinions—inside.

Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson Remake Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step"
If you've never had the pleasure of viewing the video for Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step," Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson have made a shot-for-shot remake of the late 80's gem. A cameo by Bobby Brown himself completes the homage.

Christopher Meloni and Jimmy Fallon Play a Hilarious and Intense Game of Water War
Part of the reason Law & Order: SVU is so hard for me to take is that I recognize Christopher Meloni as the refrigerator-humping Gene from Wet Hot American Summer. This goofy video highlights more ridiculous behavior from the actor.