In your explosive Wednesday media column: a new book will re-ignite the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy, Tom Florio goes to IMG, the WSJ celebrates itself, Lucky is coming for your kids, and everyone hates the media, still.

  • Flemming Rose, the Danish newspaper editor who oversaw the publication of those Muhammad cartoons that caused such a global uproar a while back, is putting out a book about the controversy for its fifth anniversary. The book will include a picture of the newspaper page on which the cartoons ran, which is pretty unremarkable since that is the subject of the book, no matter what they tell you at Yale. Anyhow, these days such publication requires massive international acts of diplomacy, sadly. Everybody in the world: if you don't like a book, read a different book. Same for cartoons!
  • Former Vogue publisher Tom Florio is now employed by IMG in some capacity. It's something to do with fashion, but it's vague enough that, who knows. In any case, congrats!
  • A new staff memo from WSJ publisher Les Hinton says that print and online ad revenue are up this quarter, the new Weekend section is going great, and the NYT sucks by comparison. Copy and paste for each successive quarter this decade.
  • Coming soon: Lucky Magazine for Kids! Kids love debt, too.
  • More Americans than ever before—57%—say they have "little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly." Fuck you, ungrateful American bastards. [Note to self: Do we count as 'mass media?' Check before condemning Americans.]

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