For months, Andrew Shirvell, an assistant attorney general for Michigan, has been writing the blog "Chris Armstrong Watch," devoted to attacking the University of Michigan's gay student assembly president with homophobic and other horrible slurs. What is wrong with him?

Shirvell, who faced an outraged Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, is a deeply conservative Christian who claims that he has the right to say whatever he wants outside of work. Which may be true, but his campaign against a gay college student might have veered into the category of harassment, and at the very least, is as sad and pathetic as pretty much anything an adult can do under the name of "political activism."

The gay-pride-and-swastika graphic saying "Resign" at the top of this post — which Shirvell used for his very first "Chris Armstrong Watch" entry — is but one example of Shirvell's childish displays:

Among other things, Shirvell has published blog posts that accuse Armstrong of going back on a campaign promise he made to minority students; engaging in "flagrant sexual promiscuity" with another male member of the student government; sexually seducing and influencing "a previously conservative [male] student" so much so that the student, according to Shirvell, "morphed into a proponent of the radical homosexual agenda;" hosting a gay orgy in his dorm room in October 2009; and trying to recruit incoming first year students "to join the homosexual 'lifestyle.' "

It's a student government, pal. And you're a major state's assistant attorney general. This is the very simple point Anderson Cooper could not get Shirvell to understand, probably because Shirvell is deeply stupid. Or has other demons! Terrible, terrible demons:

On "AC 360," Shirvell made no apologies for his blog postings, which include a picture of Armstrong with "Resign" written over his face. The same picture also had a swastika superimposed over a gay pride flag, with an arrow pointing toward Armstrong.

Shirvell acknowledged protesting outside of Armstrong's house and calling him "Satan's representative on the student assembly."

"I'm a Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights," Shirvell told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I have no problem with the fact that Chris is a homosexual. I have a problem with the fact that he's advancing a radical homosexual agenda."

Yes, that's what the college student Chris Armstrong is doing with this resume-padder known universally as "student government." What are the gay Michigan high school kids saying in their joke elections? Better investigate into those next, Andrew Shirvell! Something could be afoot. Ugh. Jesus. This guy.

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[Photoshopped Chris Armstong image via Andrew Shirvell's first "Chris Armstrong Watch" post]