At least 75 adults were involved in a huge brawl at a three-year-old girl's birthday party in Ohio on Monday night. Bottles and fists flew, blood spewed, and the responding police officers had to call for backup. What a birthday!

According to Cincinnati's Channel 12 news, police were called to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall in Elmwood Place where about 150 people were gathered to celebrate three-year-old Joselyn's birthday. A fight involving some 75 guests had broken out after the girl's biological father showed up and had some words with his ex's new man. "Chairs flying through the air. Beer bottles coming down like rain," police told the news station. CNN spoke with the local police chief about the incident:

When (first responding) officers arrived there, it was a pretty intense fight going on inside," Elmwood Place Police Chief William Peskin said. "They actually had to wait until they got backup there in order to make entry because there were so many people throwing bottles and chairs, so they had to actually wait."

At least 20 officers responded to the Eagles Hall. Channel 12 describes the grisly aftermath:

Outside the Eagles Hall in Elmwood you can see the leftovers of a little girl's party...candy, balloons, a dropped goody bag. But the EMT's glove and crime scene tape are a hint to what it's like inside. The floor is covered in bloody tracks. Next to the Disney Princess decorations and birthday cake are piles of broken beer bottles and more blood.

And although five partygoers were hospitalized and the hall was virtually destroyed, young Joselyn's cake miraculously survived. No children were injured either.