He mediates our most intimate relationships. His story will soon dominate movie theaters. And his attitude toward privacy can be downright terrifying. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the ultimate in spooky this Halloween — hence this free cut-out mask.

"Corporate horror is in" this Halloween, says the New York Times, in case you hadn't heard, and with news reports pegging Facebook's most recent valuation at around $33 billion and its revenue at $1.5 billion, it's safe to call the social network a big business. And while Zuckerberg should get due credit for his recent $100 million donation to Newark schools, there's no question he makes a great corporate villain in his less trustworthy (and most clammy) moments.

With that said, here's the mask. (See below for instructions and suggested attire.)


Just make a color printout of the image above and mount it on a stick.

What to Wear:

Thanks to Zuckerberg's ultra casual style, completing the costume could hardly be easier. You probably have everything you need in your closet. Start by donning a gray hoodie, Zuckerberg's trademark. A black or blue hoodie or a gray T-shirt will do in a pinch. Bonus points if you wear shorts, and more still for shorts with Adidas flip flops. For tips on how to comport yourself, consult our paparazzi pics from a few weeks ago, his appearance on Oprah last Friday, or Zuckerberg's Facebook photo cache.

And remember: Don't just ask for tricks or treats. Private, personally identifiable information is so much more valuable.


The Mark Zuckerberg Halloween Mask

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