Crazy-talking Florida Rep. Alan Grayson made some waves with his ad against opponent "Taliban Dan" Webster, a Christian fundamentalist who appeared to say his wife "should submit to me." Small problem? But "Taliban Dan" actually said... the opposite of this.

From a stinging rebuke:

In a new ad, Grayson accuses his Republican opponent Daniel Webster of being a religious fanatic and dubs him "Taliban Dan." But to make his case, Grayson manipulates a video clip to make it appear Webster was commanding wives to submit to their husbands, quoting a passage in the Bible. Four times, the ad shows Webster saying wives should submit to their husbands. In fact, Webster was cautioning husbands to avoid taking that passage as their own. The unedited quote is: "Don't pick the ones [Bible verses] that say, ‘She should submit to me.'"

Yeah, hate it when those secret "don't" clauses get in the way.