An Department of Justice Investigation has found widespread cheating among FBI employees on an important exam. The people charged with keeping us safe from terrorists can't even keep their eyes on their own papers!

According to CNN:

During an open book exam on agent guidelines covering domestic investigations, "a significant number of FBI employees engaged in some form of cheating or improper conduct," a Justice Department report has found.

The Office of Inspector General found agents and analysts broke rules by consulting with others about the exam, using and sharing answer sheets and in some instances even using a computer system flaw to reveal the correct answers to questions.

(Emphasis mine)

Ha. When I was in high school, one science teacher thought he was so cool because he made fancy multiple choice quizzes with Microsoft Word. What he didn't realize was that, for some reason, the correct answer to every question was very slightly out of alignment with the others. Some of us caught on and would bring rulers to class and measure our way to perfect scores. FBI employees are basically doing the same thing!

At least we now have a good explanation for that hilariously bumbling FBI agent.