Bill Clinton is pretty content nowadays. He's rich, his initiative is soaring, the White House needs him. This is happiness. But never underestimate his love for acting on ancient grudges, as he did with sex pariah John Edwards in 2008.

In a lengthy profile of Clinton and how his life is perfect now, Politico slips in this nugget about how Clinton, via his longtime personal aide Doug Band, reacted to John Edwards' sad plea for support following the outing of his affair with Rielle Hunter in 2008:

In 2008, John Edwards called, seeking a statement of support from Clinton when his affair with Rielle Hunter exploded publicly. A loyalist with a long memory, Band sent back word, asking whether Edwards recalled his own denunciation of Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky controversy.

John Edwards is so dumb that he probably didn't even remember that. But anyway.

Just remember, famous people from the '90s: Bill Clinton may be happy and rich, but he also has a kill list with names written in dragon blood hanging in his underground Chappaqua bunker, where all day he plots revenge and watches TV and stuff.

[Image via AP]