In your soggy Monday media column: the HuffPo unpaid writer revolt begins, the New Yorker's on the iPad, a CNN anchor admits he was molested, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are hated and loved, and John Koblin leaves the NYO.

  • Mayhill Fowler, a regular ol' citizen who got big headlines when she got scoops like Bill Clinton calling a VF writer a "scumbag," is actually quitting the Huffington Post, because HuffPo won't pay her.
  • I want to be paid for my time and effort-or at a minimum, to get a little remuneration in return for the money I spend myself in order to do original reportage. I would not expect to be paid for punditry. The Huffington Post business model is to provide a platform for 6,000 opinionators to hold forth. Point of view is cheap. I would never expect to be paid there when the other 5,999 are not. However, the journalism pieces I have done in the past year seem to me as good as anything HuffPost's paid reporters Sam Stein and Ryan Grim produce. Why do they get money, and I do not?

  • Here's to you, Mayhill Fowler, for valuing your own time and talent. Hope you can find some money out there, somewhere. Revolucion!
  • The New Yorker is now on the iPad machine! It's just a more fancy "high tech" way to read your same New Yorker magazine, don't worry.
  • CNN's Don Lemon announced during the course of an interview he was doing on air Saturday that he'd been the victim of a pedophile when he was child. That's balls.
  • Shocker shock: a new poll says that Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are both the most beloved and the most hated teevee fake news show hosts, in America. They are also both the ugliest and the ones viewers most wish would gay marry each other! The last bit is surmised.
  • Superb NYO media reporter John Koblin has resigned to become a media reporter for WWD. This leaves the New York Observer's media reporting—which is legendary—in its weakest state...ever? We'll say "ever." Big, big loss for the NYO.

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