Banking on the world's assumption that Lindsay Lohan has, at this point, tried every drug on the planet, News of the World today published some blast-from-the-past photos depicting America's favorite trainwreck kissing Paris Hilton and shooting heroin, allegedly.

The news comes days after Lindsay went back to jail (and then got out) for testing positive for cocaine use, thereby breaking probation (again). The pictures are super grainy and from 2007 (inferior cellphone camera technology?) so whoever had them probably realized the bull market on LiLo drug pics (or drugs pics of people who look like Lindsay Lohan) was at its height, and sold. Anyway, NOTW has three pictures: One that allegedly shows Lindsay shooting into her left arm, one that allegedly shows her toying with the syringe, and another that allegedly shows her kissing Paris Hilton. Just another day with young Hollywood circa 2007! Almost makes you nostalgic, no? [NOTW]