Lindsay Lohan: Free again. How much does it cost to have the Situation hang out with you? Oksana and Mel exchange dueling extortion claims. But, seriously, guys. Lindsay Lohan's out of jail! Saturday Gossip Roundup can't believe it either.

  • Such. Bullshit. 14 hours into her detainment Lindsay Lohan posted $300,000 bail last night and was released from the Lynwood Correctional Facility. A judge reversed the decision that Lilo be held for 29 days without bail. She's got to wear a SCRAM again, and has been ordered to stay out of any establishments where"alcohol is the chief item for sale". Over/under on how many days until her bracelet goes off again?[TMZ, Popeater


  • The Situation is currently asking $100,000 to appear at parties in LA. E! points out that during Jersey Shore season 1, you could get an appearance from the Sitch for just $7,500. Which means the rate of Situation inflation is around 1200% per year. [E!]
  • Madonna's publicist in journo beatdown! A reporter from 'The Insider' got the microphone slapped from her hand by Madge's longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg when she tried to ask Madonna a question about Demi and Ashton's relationship problems. (This was at the launch of Madonna's new Material Girl line at Macy's, and reporters were only allowed to ask fashion-related questions.) After slapping the mic, Rosenberg told the chastened 'Insider' Reporter: "Bad girl!" This probably happens to Bob Woodward all the time. [P6]
  • The reason Madonna's publicist was so touchy is that she didn't want any reporters asking about Madonna's alleged creepy stalker, Robert Linhart. The 59 year-old was arrested outside her apartment with an ice pick, and currently is undergoing psychological evaluation before he's charged with a crime. [NYDN]
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand just bought a two-bedroom, two-bath New York penthouse for $2.7 million. They are calling it their 'crash pad'. And here they are biking in Manhattan. [P6][Radar]
  • TMZ is reporting that Oksana Grigorieva signed an agreement saying she would not try to take any of Mel Gibson's money if they broke up. But then she changed her mind, and kindly offered to turn over the Mel Gibson ranty audiotapes to him in exchange for $15 million. Did Oksana extort Mel?[TMZ]
  • Or did Mel extort Oksana? Radar reports that Oksana's camp says that she was extorted by him. Oksana's lawyer says that Mel threatened to take away her daughter and have her arrested and deported for secretly recording him, unless she turned the tapes over to him. (Although he still agreed to pay her $15 million… so what kind of extortion is that?[Radar]
  • 'Hills' Star Lauren Conrad is returning to MTV for a new reality show. It will follow her as she "creates a line of evening wear and builds a fashion house—from the ground up." [THR]
  • Speaking of MTV spin-offs, Jersey Shore's Pauly D is getting his own show. It will focus on his DJing career. [Radar]

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