"¡Goya!" For many Americans, the name alone invokes fearful memories of some weird food that Mexicans probably eat, who even knows. Now, Goya is working to assure white people: This stuff is good! But are whites ready?

Goya's new ad campaign aims to convince you, the non-Latino consumer, that you need not be afraid of this strange, non-American product line. Instead of salt and pepper, why not add some "Adobo" seasoning to your meatloaf or tuna casserole? It's like salt and pepper, with a few other ingredients probably already found in your spice rack, right in your American kitchen! "All I did was adobo the chicken," one white lady assures her dumbfounded white family in one of these real live advertisements.

No Mexicans need touch your food, in order for you to enjoy Goya products!

But we must say, we have our doubts about this:

"The whole idea was to focus the message and position Goya as the bean people," said Conrad Colon, vice president of marketing at Goya.

Latino equality was just set back by fifty years. ¡Goya!

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