Citing "several unforeseen professional responsibilities," Meghan McCain bowed out of a campus speaking engagement tonight... and is now tweeting up a storm about "my first real time off in months," partying with "my favorite crew of sinners" in Las Vegas.

The famed writer of elephant sex books was supposed to give a lecture tonight at Pennsylvania's Juniata College, but her publicist canceled due to "several unforeseen professional responsibilities." That publicist should probably tell her client not to tweet quite so exuberantly next time she plays hooky. This showed up in Meghan's Twitter stream last night:

Meghan then tweeted angrily about how crappy MGM's hotel was, and how she will henceforth stay only at the Palms. Then, "Hotel and casino!" Then, "I'm the only John Wayne left in this town."

Apparently Juniata students are outraged that a rich girl would rather throw money on a green felt table in Nevada than lecture them. One member of Juniata's class of 2012 emailed us: "What kind of message is she attempting to send to the voting college students? We wanted to hear her speak, but apparently we aren't important enough for her to come." Oh, Juniata, you and your silly schedules and expectations of follow-through.

We tweeted at Meghan for comment. She has yet to respond.

Sidenote: Isn't it pretty normal to have "real time off" every few "months"? How often does Meghan usually take vacations? Every week? [ChronHighEd, Juniata, @McCainBlogette, image via Getty]