Today at Gawker.TV, Tina Fey explains why she doesn't use any social media tools, Modern Family returns, watch the awful first edition of the Gilligan's Island theme song, and Stephen Colbert brings his "fear" to Good Morning America.

Gloria's First Taste of Salty Chocolate and Losing Manny's Affection on Modern Family
As a proud Colombian mom, one of Gloria's best qualities is the ability to smother her boys with love and leave them wanting more. So what happens when Gloria's mother hen status is threatened by Manny's crush? Find out inside.

Stephen Colbert Brings Fear to Good Morning America
Stephen will testify before Congress tomorrow on behalf of the United Farm Workers Association, but today he discussed his other D.C. initiative with poor George Stephanopoulos: his March to Keep Fear Alive. Colbert brought his "A" game to GMA.

Tina Fey Explains Why She Doesn't Use Social Media
On the Today Show, Tina Fey makes some valid points about why she isn't active on social media. With seven Emmy wins, three Golden Globes and numerous other awards, she might be on to something. Her explanation, in the video.

Please Tase Me Bro on Tosh.0
Tosh always seems to get away with a lot, but tonight's jokes were more offensive than usual. The Web Redemption was for that reporter who couldn't break glass, but Tosh's shining moment was learning to Tase a group of people.

Watch the Original Theme Song to Gilligan's Island
No wonder this was never aired—cringeworthy doesn't even begin to describe how bad this alternate opening to Gilligan's Island is. It starts out like a Donovan song, and turns into an annoying, two-minute-long island-style ditty. Watch inside!