The gays sure enjoy heckling Barack Obama at fundraisers when they're angry. Last night, for the third time in six months, a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protester did just that, in New York. And another heckler yelled about "AIDS funding."

Can you believe the president is funding AIDS? We thought the goal was to eliminate it. Crazy Democrats:

Soon after Obama began speaking, a woman shouted, "President Obama, President Obama," while several men held up signs that read, "Broken promises" and "No retreat, fund AIDS."

Obama engaged with the demonstrators, saying, "Apparently you're interested in funding AIDS. . . . We have increased AIDS funding." Then he proceeded with his remarks.

The woman interrupted him again, and Obama replied, "We listened to you, we heard your point. . . . It's a conversation I'm happy to have." The woman stopped shouting, but the men continued displaying the signs.

The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protester was a little more chill than the AIDS lady:

Later, on the other side of the room, a man shouted out, "Don't ask, don't tell," twice.

The rest of the audience chanted "Obama, Obama" to drown out the demonstrators, and someone tried to pull down the signs. The activists quieted down after Obama spoke to them - and their concerns - directly.

"We need your energy and enthusiasm," Obama said. "This young lady here, she wants an increase in AIDS funding. ... I'm sure we could do more, if we're able to grow this economy again. That young man shouted, 'Don't ask, don't tell.' . . . As president, I said we would reverse it."

Yeah and how's that going?

But he has a couple of years left in his term. Senate Democrats may even try to pass the repeal again in December's lame duck session. And if it passes then, gays will rejoice in the streets, before proudly shipping off to Afghanistan to get shot in some dirt hole. Everything's gonna be fine.