We asked readers to redesign the classic I ♥ NY logo—and outdo readers of the New York Times in the process—and naturally you rose to the challenge! Here are your creative submissions and the winner of Tuesday's contest.

Thanks to all who participated—we truly ♥ the graphic re-imaginings you all concocted. The winner of the contest has earned himself/herself a copy of Christoph Niemann's book I Lego N.Y. because it's cool and looks at our city in a bold new way. Just like our victor!

Before we get to our winner, though, here are some honorable mentions. (We should point out that a handful of the entries we received were also submitted to the Times.) The commenters who posted them have been awarded a star, if they didn't have one already:

But here is the one that we really loved, an industrial-inspired vision constructed by ArgusRun:

Congrats to the winner! (Please email us to claim your prize!) As always, thanks for participating. We love all of you almost as much as we love NY.