Despite a brief Gossip Girl stint and an upcoming Morgan Freeman movie about a crippled dolphin, the one-time Disney queen's heyday seems mostly ended. So it's time to move out of the $7M, 9,827 sq.ft. palace in Toluca Lake.

Duff is moving into a more modest $3.85m home in Beverly Hills, so she's still doing fine, but will she miss riding around in the private lake in the "8-seater electric boat" that she's offering with the old mansion? Sigh. I wonder if the new tenants will sometimes hear the buzzy putter of that boat, even though they know it's safely docked. Of course it will just be some memory, some ghostly whiff of Hilary, zipping around in lonely circles, remembering the lovely, shining days of 2004.

Update: Guys, yeah, ha, she married some kajillionaire Canuck. We're aware now. Can't you just go with us on our little wistful narrative, rather than bother us with trifling "facts"?

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[via Real Estalker]