A Florida woman was arrested yesterday after a YouTube video surfaced showing her egging on her 16-year-old daughter during a brawl with another teenage girl. The video shows April Newcomb midway through the fight telling her daughter, "Don't fucking stop."

According to the Bradenton Herald, Newcomb told police after her arrest, "Of course, we're both wrong and I understand that, and I understand where y'all are coming from. I think unfortunately it was going to happen, no matter what."

The paper also says Newcomb told police that her daughter sustained a skull fracture two years ago, and her motherly instincts told her to watch the fight just in case she was hit in the back of the head. Good thinking! Oh, but wouldn't it be too late if she saw her daughter being pounded on the back of the head? Maybe breaking up the fight, or preventing it altogether would be a better way to avoid re-injuring her daughter's skull? Nevermind. You can't argue with white trash logic.

Newcomb is being charged with child abuse. Fight video below:

[There was a video here]