Mark Zuckerberg attended a screening of The Social Network near Seattle, a film critic and another person who was at the Facebook movie preview are claiming on Twitter. Facebook does have a new office in the city.

Zuckerberg was spotted last night by BoxOffice/DVDTalk critic Tyler Foster and one other person at the screening, Slashfilm was first to report. Foster seems to be serious and sticking by his assertion that he saw the aggressively casual Zuckerberg wearing a dress shirt, as the CEO has been known to do, and took a photo with at least one girl.

A Twitter user named Andy Glover of Kent, Washington also said he "ran into" Zuckerberg at the screening. (Zuckerberg was also spotted ten hours later by yet another tweeter, though the context of that sighting is unclear.)

Facebook's Seattle engineering office opened barely a month ago, so its possible the sightings of Zuckerberg at the screening are accurate. The Facebook co-founder told ABC News' Diane Sawyer he had no plans to see The Social Network whose accuracy Zuckerberg and his deputies have vigorously contested. But the chatter around the movie has spiked this week, with stories in New York and Wired and new revelations linked to the movie on various blogs adding to a recent related article in the New Yorker and breathless online coverage of every new trailer. Maybe Zuckerberg just couldn't resist checking out what all the fuss was about.

Or maybe a flack hired a convincing body double to trot out in front of some northwestern film writers in a clever bit of viral marketing for their film a week before the open? Not that the movie needs it, but hypersaturation is not the sort of thing that's ever stopped a Hollywood marketing department before.

Some of the sightings follow below. We've not heard back from Facebook on whether any are authentic.

Update: Foster tells us Andy Glover was his friend and guest at the screening, and gives this account of Zuckerberg's photo session: "My friend was down there longer than I was, it might've been several girls, but he told me one of them had recognized [Zuck] and asked for a photo because 'nobody would ever believe me!.'"

Also, we dropped one tweet about Zuckerberg in a suit that was apparently a joke.


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[Via Daily Intel. Photo of Zuckerberg fist bumping at a press event last month via Getty Images.]