Television sensation Stephen Colbert will testify before a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Friday. The topic? "Protecting America's Harvest." Colbert is expected to argue for, well, one side of this issue. Probably on behalf of farmers? What is going on?

The news was originally reported at the Daily Caller, which quotes one "Republican source" saying Colbert will appear "in character." The official committee spokesperson seems to deny this, calling it a "serious" hearing. We'll go with the "official committee spokesperson" here, because it would make absolutely no sense for Stephen Colbert to testify before Congress in character.

Then again, if CBS News is right about the specific topic of discussion here, then maybe it would, magically, make sense for Colbert to appear in character:

He may be discussing a program called "Take Our Jobs" that reportedly "offers Americans the chance to try working in the fields if they really think good jobs are being lost to illegals."