At least one dingbat in the country is still talking about the proposed Islamic community center blocks from Ground Zero: Renee Elders, Republican congressional candidate from North Carolina. In this ad, she explains the history of "victory mosques."

Elders is running against Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge, who has some asshole tendencies, sure, but probably isn't evil for refusing to get involved in a Lower Manhattan zoning dispute since, again, he represents a portion of North Carolina.

Still, enjoy this scholarly ad from Elders attacking Etheridge on the 9/11 terror mosque. She just uses "Muslims" and "Terrorists" and the ominous "They" interchangeably, because why not? Why not throw in "Mexicans" while she's at it? The point is, "They" want to build "victory mosques" all over our shit, like they did in Jerusalem and Constantinople. Always have, always will. And North Carolina's 2nd congressional district is next.