Something very sad happened on last night's DWTSDavid Hasselhoff was eliminated from the competition during the show's first week! We suppose it makes sense, as the vote is up to American voters—not German Hoff fanatics. Farewell video inside!

The clip begins with host Tom Bergeron talking to Hoff's daughters in the audience. They said that they had to push him to join the show and spoke of his "bad knees." 30 seconds later, the elimination occurred and The Hoff was sent home.

[There was a video here]

Has it occurred to anyone else that it must be a weird feeling to be judged on a reality competition show (Dancing With the Stars) after being a judge on a reality competition show (America's Got Talent)? Something tells me this rejection won't be helping Hoff's love of cheeseburgers and booze.

[Image via The Sun]